Working with Rex Anderson as your Mediator in the Arizona Bankruptcy Court MMM Program

What to expect and how to get the best result and experience when selecting to work with Rex Anderson as your Mediator


The MMM program is just starting in Arizona Bankruptcy Courts, so there are, as of yet, many unasked and unanswered questions.  But here are my initial driving ideas:

  • As Mediator, my goal will be to help both Debtors and Lenders - through their attorneys - pursue all options to find an acceptable modification of the Debtors' mortgage loan.
  • Efficency:  I use technology  to improve efficency, so most routine communications between us will be through email as well as through the DMM Portal.   For example, my system is set to send out reminders of the scheduled conference date and time both 1 week and 2 days prior to the event.
  • Helping you in your office operations:  If you tell me about a paralegal or staff member that you want to also receive emails from me about the Mediation, then they will receive their own emails from my office. This saves the attorney from having to read and forward administrative messages to your staff (such as requests for you to indicate preferences for conference dates or statements for the mediator fee) 
  • Portal Updates:  Summary of milestone events and results will be timely updated on the Portal, but will not include details of the conversations, or terms discussed during the mediation sessions.  The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee can see the information on the Portal.
  • No Travel:  The mediation conferences, other than those with pro-se debtors will be done by state-of-the art on-line video conference system (your video is optional - you can also just dial in from a regular telephone).
  • Select your own mediation time & date.  Click on the Link at the top of this page or on "Calendar" in the menu bar for my Live Calendar of available dates and times for your mediation conferences.  When it is time to set the hearing I will send you a request. You can then print the current version of this calendar and work with your client to find available dates and times from what is shown as "Available", then send me your marked-up calendar.  As soon as I have these from all parties, I'll set the Mediation Conference date and time that is on everyone's preferred list of dates.
  • TO BEGIN:  Click on the Link at the top of this page send me the name of the Lender involved in your case, so I can check for any conflict of interest and respond back to you with my availability.  I will respond promptly and then you can add me as your designated Mediator on the court pleadings that you submit to start the MMM process.   

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