Calendar of Available Dates & Times for Rex Anderson as Mediator

Below is a live calendar of my available dates & times for the Mortgage Modification Mediation conferences, in blocks of 60 minutes each.
Suggestions for use: When it is time to set the conference in your case you will receive a request from my office. At that time, select the Weeks or Months for a Mediation Conference to be set NO LATER THAN 90 days after the entry of the Referral Order for your case. I will remind you of that deadline in my request. Confer with your client for possible dates you are all available and circle your choices on your printed copy. Then scan and email it back to me, or fax it to me, with some indication of your case number or borrower's name. Note, this is a live calendar that is updated as other mediation sessions are set, it only shows the dates and times that are still available.